Osteopathy is a type of complementary and alternative medicine. Its practitioners claim that the wellbeing of an individual depends on their bones, muscles, ligaments and connective tissue functioning smoothly together. Osteopaths receive special training in the musculoskeletal system. They believe that their treatments, which primarily consist of moving, stretching and massaging a person's muscles and joints, help allow the body to heal itself.

Osteopathic principles
1. The body is a functional unit; an integrated unit of mind, body, and spirit.
2. The body possesses self-regulatory mechanisms, having the inherent capacity to defend, repair, and remodel itself.
3. Structure and function are reciprocally interrelated.
4. Rational therapy is based on consideration of the first three principles.

Techniques of Osteopathic Treatment

  • Active Method: A technique in which the person voluntarily performs an osteopathic practitioner-directed motion.
  • Passive Method: Based on techniques in which the patient refrains from voluntary muscle contraction.
  • Direct Method (D/DIR): An osteopathic treatment strategy by which the restrictive barrier is engaged and a final activating force is applied to correct somatic dysfunction.
  • Indirect Method (I/IND): A manipulative technique where the restrictive barrier is disengaged and the dysfunctional body part is moved away from the restrictive barrier until tissue tension is equal in one or all planes and directions.
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